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South American Culinary Tour July-August 2003

Kurma in Machu Picchu








Part One:  Transit in Santiago, Chile
Part Two:  La Paz, Bolivia
Part Three:  Cochabamba, Bolivia

Part Four:  São José do Rio Prêto, Brazil
Part Five:  São Paulo, Brazil
Part Six:  Pindamonhangaba, Brazil
Part Seven:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Part Eight:  Santiago, Chile 


Cooking it Up in London, Dublin & Belfast June 2005

Hare Krishna Island

On The Road Again
Back To My Roots
At Home in Hertfordshire
Summer Solstice
Calm Before the Culinary Storm
"We're Havin' a Heatwave..."
A New Window of Opportunity
In Dublin, Fair City
Careful with that Paddle, Eugene
A Day in the Kitchen
Cead Mile Fa¡ilte (One Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

Over the Border
A Class Act
Farewell Inishrath
A Day in Belfast
On the Train Back to Dublin
Last Tango in Dublin

Far Out, Brussels Sprout


Belgian Cookery Tour, Chateau de Petite-Somme, July 2005

Encounters mainly of the bovine kind, Belgium

Part One:   Highway Meditations
Part Two:   A Virtual Guided Tour of Radhadesh
Part Three:  Fun and Games at the Chateau de Petite-Somme

Part Four:   The History of Chateau de Petite-Somme
Part Five:  "On a Wing and a Prayer"
Part Six:  Thyme - the Great Healer

Part Seven:  Good Vibrations
Part Eight:   Cooking & Fine Dining in the Company of Friends
Part Nine:   Onwards and Upwards
Part Ten:  Oh, Before I Forget...

London, July 2005

Lovely London Sweets

Part One:  Touchdown London
Part Two:  More Media Encounters
Part Three:  Out and About in England
Part Four:  Laying Low in Hertsmere
Part Five:  On Terrorism...
Part Six:  A Walk Down Memory Lane
Part Seven:  Lunch for 200
Part Eight:  Brief Tour of Aldenham
Part Nine:  A Bit More of a Wander Around
Part Ten:  "This is Hertfordshire"
Part Eleven:  London Rathayatra Festival Approaches
Part Twelve:  Rathayatra Takes London by Surprise
Part Thirteen:  History of Bhaktivedanta Manor
Part Fourteen:  The Last Few Laps
Part Fifteen:  Read All About It
Part Sixteen:  Middlesex Meandering
Part Seventeen:  Good Morning Soho
Part Eighteen:  Almost At the Finishing Post
Part Nineteen:  Goodnight London, and Farewell


Polish 'Festival of India' Baltic Tour, July 2006


Part One:  One Hour in Warsaw
Part Two:
  On the Road in Poland
Part Three:   Calm before the Storm
Part Four:   Festiwal Indii - Ustronie Morskie Day 1
Part Five:   Behind the Scenes
Part Six:   Festiwal Indii - Ustronie Morskie Day 2
Part Seven:   Cherry Season
Part Eight:   Festiwal Indii - Ustronie Morskie Day 3

Part Nine:   Off to Kolobrzeg
Part Ten:   Kolobrzeg Day 1 - Wielki Ekstaza!
Part Eleven:   Kolobrzeg Day 2 - The Fun Continues
Part Twelve:   Kolobrzeg Day 3 - The Finale
Part Thirteen:   Fruit Break
Part Fourteen:   Mrzezyno - Another Opening, Another Show
Part Fifteen:   Fun by the Sea

Part Sixteen:   Baltic Bliss
Part Seventeen:   Bye Bye Baltic
Part Eighteen:   Intercity Express

Into Africa, July-August 2006

Kurma and old fella

Part One:   Into Africa
Part Two:   Touchdown Durban  
Part Three:  Full Speed Ahead
Part Four:   I'm Not Complaining
Part Five:   Focaccia Comin' At Ya
Part Six:   Durban Cooking Day # 3
Part Seven:   Not Hard to Swallow
Part Eight:   Good Morning Sunshine, the Earth Says Hello
Part Nine:   Savouries and Chutneys Workshop
Part Ten:  
The Vegetable that Ate Durban
Part Eleven:  
Exclusive Books
Part Twelve:  
By the Time I Get to Phoenix...

Part Thirteen:   Bookshop Bliss
Part Fourteen:  
Phoenix Temple, Jungle Drums, Roti Aunts, and Water Frogs
Part Fifteen:   
Farewell Durban, Hello Jo'Burg
Part Sixteen:  
Thatched & Dispatched
Part Seventen: 
Chilling in Midrand
Part Eighteen:  
The International Hotel School Cooking Marathon
Part Nineteen:   
In Search of the Big Five
Part Twenty:   
Team Jo'Burg
Part Twenty One: 
  My Day at Kruger - Four Out of Five Ain't Bad  
Part Twenty Two:   Weathering the Storm Ahead


Slovenia, Turkey & Croatia, July-August 2006


Part One:   Back to Europe?
Part Two:   One of Our Blogs are Down
Part Three:   Welcome to Slovenia
Part Four:   Terrorist Attack Update
Part Five:   Back in the Groove
Part Six:   Relish!
Part Seven:   Out and About in Ljubljana
Part Eight:   Holy Food and a Trip to Lake Bled
Part Nine:   A Visit to Turkey

Part Ten:   Welcome to Istanbul
Part Eleven:    Bunkered in Bakirkoy
Part Twelve:   Barisa Rock
Part Thirteen:  Gozleme, Locum, Simit and a Good Lie Down
Part Fourteen:   Zanussi Mutfak Sanatlari Akademisi
Part Fifteen:   ZZZagreb
Part Sixteen:   Getting Very Near the End


A Trip to Greece, January 2007

sounion peninsula








Part One:   Cable Guy
Part Two:  Of Empires Past
Part Three:   Greek Sweets, and the Birth of a Recipe
Part Four: Looking for Hórta
Part Five:  What is That Taste?
Part Six:  The Many Faces of Halva
Part Seven:   Omonia
Part Eight:   Mahlepi Revisited
Part Nine:  Tiropitakia
Part Ten:   The Sanctuary of Poseidon
Part Eleven:
  A Day at Mount Elikon


India Pilgrimage, November 2007

sri lalita devi

Part One:  Our Journey Begins
Part Two:  In Safe Hands
Part Three:   A Fond Farewell
Part Four:  Blessings from Sri Mayapur - The Passing Away of Nirguna
Part Five:  The Dirt on Mother Ganges
Part Six: South Indian Breakfast
Part Seven:   A Trip to Navadvip (scroll down)
Part Eight:   Last Day in Sri Mayapur
Part Nine:  Here's Some I Prepared Earlier (scroll down)
Part Ten:  A Week in Puri, Part One
Part Eleven:   A Week in P
uri, Part Two