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AsafetidaDiscover some lesser-known ingredients in Kurma's Kitchen
If you've heard of Kurma, chances are you've heard of asafetida...
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Black Salt
A special type of Indian rock salt, mined from the volcanic regions of Pakistan and India. It's full of therapeutic benefits, and is recommended for patients with high blood pressure...
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A grain that's been around for a very long time, Bulgur is today much loved in Armenia and Syria, as well as amongst the Kurds...
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An erect annual herb of the bean family, indigenous to western Asia and south-eastern Europe, and cultivated for its seeds, which, although legumes, are used as a spice...
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Mustard Seeds
Of the many varieties of mustard, the three most prominent are the tiny, round, brownish-black seeds from the plant known as Brassica nigra, the purple-brown seeds of Brassica juncea, and the yellow seeds from Brassica alba...
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Pandan Leaves
These long, thin, green leaves are popular in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand as an important flavouring agent for savoury and sweet dishes. The flavour of pandan is hauntingly aromatic and delicate, and it is as important to Asians as vanilla is to Westerners...
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"While no single food can supply all of the essential life-sustaining nutrients, quinoa comes as close as any other in the vegetable or animal kingdoms...”
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Its large leaves are sometimes simmered in Malaysian Nyonya cooking. In Thailand the young tender shoots are boiled and used as a vegetable...
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Urad Dal
One of the most versatile of all legumes,
urad dal can be cooked into thick purees and liquid soups, sauces, stews, pillow-soft fried savouries, moist raw chutneys, crispy pancakes, feather-light steamed dumplings, and sprouted salads, to name but a few...
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Yam Bean
Known also as sweet turnip as well as by its Mexican name, jicama (pronounced hee-kama), yam bean is a tuber native of tropical America as well as South-East Asia...
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