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black salt

Black Salt (known as Kala Namak or Sanchal in Hindi) is a special type of Indian volcanic rock salt. It is actually
purple-ish/pinkish grey rather than black and has a very distinctive sulfurous mineral taste, rather like hard boiled
egg yolks.

It is mined from the volcanic regions of Pakistan and India.

Black Salt is used in Indian cuisine as a condiment and adds its distictive flavour to tangy fresh salads called 'chaats', and also in fresh chutneys, snacks, pickles, raitas (yogurt-based salads) and many other savoury Indian items. It is sometimes used to flavour tall summer cool drinks like the famous cumin-scented Jal Jeera.

According to India's classical medical science, Ayurveda, black salt is full of therapeutic benefits. It is rich in iron, and is a cure for flatulence and heartburn.

According to Ayurveda doctors, sea and especially rock salt are the most beneficial forms of salt because unlike ordinary salt, they don't increase the sodium content of blood and are therefore recommended for patients with high blood pressure. It is also a rejuvenator while aiding digestion and improving eyesight.

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