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QuestionDear Kurma,
My entire family are huge fans of your cookbooks. I can't wait to read your latest one.

I have made the baked cheesecake from Great Vegetarian Dishes but the quantity of filling mixture was far too much for the radius of the bottom of the dish recommended by the recipe. What are we doing wrong? Is the container we are using too shallow, or could we be using an incorrect ingredient ie. type of cream cheese?
Mark Webber, Grahamstown, South Africa

AnswerDear Mark,
I think I have got to the bottom of the cheesecake mystery.

In the introductory blurb on page 137 I say that the recipe yields one 20cm (8-inch) cheesecake.

However the recipe, step one, calls for a 25cm (10-inch) cheesecake pan. This is an editor’s mistake that has eluded me for 12 years!

The cake was tested with, and does need, the 10-inch cheesecake pan, as I suggested, not an 8-inch one. Moreover, cheesecake pans are deep, so even if you were using a 10-inch pan but it was an ordinary cake tin, it still would have been too shallow. If you see the photo on pages 134 and 135 you will see that the cake is a deep one (and a yummy one).

Thanks for discovering the discrepancy. Happy cooking!

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