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Hello Kurma.
I'm continuing to follow and enjoy your recipes learnt in Albany early this year. My question is where can I buy the curry tree/shrub, that you used the leaves of in class? The only one I can find here called a curry plant was small and grey leafed, and not remotely like the ones you used. Could you tell me the botanic name so I can make enquiries?

Gabrielle Cross, Bunbury, Western Australia

AnswerHi Gabrielle,
Nice to hear from you!

Yes the curry plant (Helichrysum italicum) is a decorative non-culinary shrub and although it has medicinal value, it has no uses in the kitchen whatsoever. You are looking for Murraya koenigii. Some well-stocked Asian shops that sell oriental culinary plants in pots can sometimes get it in for you. For instance our local shopping complex has an Asian shop and the lady has a few plants in pots. They sell very quickly. Otherwise track it down your way from big nurseries.

Read more about curry leaves:

Best wishes, and happy cooking!


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