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QuestionHello Kurma,
How do I use pappadams in a meal? Is there some way to soften them
(so they resemble flour tortillas) of should I use them stiff, like a cracker?

M F, Concord, New Hampshire, USA

AnswerHello M,
Thanks for your letter.

There are at least three ways to cook pappadams: (you are aware of course that they can't be eaten straight from the packet. They are raw! Excuse my impudency here, but I met someone last week who thought you could!)

Deep fried briefly in a little oil till they puff and go crisp. Dip with tongs, turn and remove - about 5 seconds.

Hold over naked flame and flame-toast them. They will scorch a little but are delicious and low fat and very traditional. Takes a little practice, and only the better quality larger pappadams are appropriate for this.

Microwave them if you dont mind radiating your food! Quick, but I don't use them.

Also, when raw, they can be cut up into strips with scissors, and added to soups and stews as delicious spicy noodle substitutes.

As far as softening them and eating them as tortillas, that is really not an option. They are by nature crisp, unless soaking them in wet things, in which case they have a soft noodle-texture. Stale pappadams that have been fried then left around for a few days are the closest thing, but they're not so elegant.

Hope this helps

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