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QuestionHello Kurma!

I came across your website tonight, and was pleasantly surprised by the highly informative recipe instructions! My question is this: how long can gulab jamuns be kept? I read that the balls should soak for at least two hours to absorb the syrup, so should you refrigerate once the stuff cools? How long can they be kept in the refrigerator, or can they be frozen and reheated while retaining a good taste and texture?

Thank you so much!


AnswerHello E!
Thanks for the letter. Glad you like the website. Tell your friends!

If you follow the recipe, that concentration of syrup will keep them indefinitely. If the weather is really hot, in the fridge is better. But that is only for long-haul storage, since gulab jamuns are not to be eaten cold, they are much better served at room temperature or warm. I often warm up gulab jamuns in a saucepan before serving them, along with a liberal amount of syrup.

In the fridge they will last for at least 6 months or more, and frozen, who knows? If they do freeze, which I don't think is a problem (although I have never done it) probably for a long time. But I think freezing is unnecessary.

Generally though, it is fine to just keep gulab jamuns in a jar or container, covered with syrup, out of the fridge, for many days. The sugar concentration will stop any spoilage. But probably they will all be eaten before you know it. Happy gulabing!

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