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QuestionWhat is black pepper made up of. See I need to know cause I'm using
it in a part of my school science project and I need to know as soon as possible.

Ricardo, no address supplied

AnswerHi Ricardo,
Black pepper is made pepper!!! It is a spice...the dried berries of a tree. Read on...

PEPPER: The small, round berries of the woody perennial evergreen vine Piper nigrum. Black pepper, white pepper, and green pepper are all obtained from these same berries in different stages of maturity. For black pepper, the berries are picked whilst green, left in heaps to ferment sun-dried, and allowed to shrivel and turn dark brown or black. Thus the whole berry, including the dark outer hull, forms what we know as black pepper.

White pepper is produced from fully ripened berries, which are greenish-yellow when picked and at the point of turning red. Then they are soaked in water, the outer hull is rubbed off, and the grey inner berries are sun-dried until they turn creamy white, to become what is known as white pepper.

Green peppercorns are soft, immature berries that have been picked and preserved in brine, or freeze dried.

Black pepper is characterized by a penetrating odour and a hot, biting, and extremely pungent flavour; milder-flavoured white pepper is generally appreciated in European cuisine. Either way, black and white pepper are used in practically every cuisine in the world. Although available pre-ground, discerning cooks prefer the superior flavour of freshly ground peppercorns, for which a pepper mill is an essential acquisition.

Good luck with your project!

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