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QuestionHi Kurma,
Is it true that to get the most aroma out of curry leaves (for making fish
curry), they should be fried till slightly burnt? Should I fry them with
mustard seeds at the same time or later?
Faye, Singapore

AnswerHi Faye,
Thank you for your enquiry regarding curry leaves.

Well, of course I don't cook fish, but the principle is the same for all dishes containing curry leaves. You are right. The leaves should be fried for some time in the oil. Slightly burnt perhaps is too long. I find the lovely subtlety of the fried leaves becomes harsh if they are over fried. Just until they darken a little is my opinion. And I usually fry the mustard seeds first, then when the crackling reduces, I throw in the leaves then.

And, a south-Indian cook showed me to tear the leaves a little before frying them. This helps to release the aromatic oils even more.

Hope this answers your question.

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