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Here is a complete list of all the recipes in "Great Vegetarian Dishes".

"Great Vegetarian Dishes"

Rice Dishes
Boiled Rice
Sauteed Rice with Poppy Seeds
Thai Rice
South Indian Yogurt Rice (Dahi Bhat)
Yellow Rice
Rainbow Brown Rice
South Indian Sweet-and-Sour Tamarind Rice
Bengali Royal Rice (Pushpanna)
Rice with Green Peas and Almonds
Savoury Cantonese Fried Rice
Lemon Rice
Baked Vegetable Rice (Biriyani)
Rice and Mung Bean Stew (Khichari)
Spanish Vegetable Rice (Paella)
Indonesian Coconut Rice
Tomato Rice with Herbs

Lentil and Tomato Soup
Minestrone Soup
Green Split-Pea Dal with Spinach and Coconut Milk
Corn Chowder
Gujarati Yogurt Soup (Karhi)
South Indian Hot-and-Sour Soup (Sambar)
Vegetable Soup
Cream of Pumpkin Soup
Mung Bean and Tomato Soup
Potato Soup
Chilled Summer Fruit Soup
Split-Mung Dal
Tomato Soup
Russian Beetroot Soup (Borsch)
Yellow Split-Pea Soup with Pumpkin
Cream of Asparagus Soup
Fiery South Indian Toor Dal Soup (Rasam)
Mexican Chilled Vegetable Soup (Gazpacho)
Thai Clear Soup with Tofu

Wholemeal Bread
Griddle-Baked Bread (Capati)
Italian Fried Corn-Bread (Polenta)
Rajasthani Spicy Dal-Stuffed Bread (Urad Dal Poori)
Puffed Fried Bread (Poori)
Savoury Wholemeal Pancakes (Dosa)
Stuffed Pan-Fried (Paratha)
Middle Eastern Round Bread (Pita)
Mozzarella and Tomato Pizza
Stuffed Puffed-Bread (Stuffed Poori)
Mexican Oatmeal Corn and Cheese Bread
Yeasted, Puffed Fried-Bread (Khamiri Poori)
Fruity Bran Muffins
Corn Flat-Bread (Tortilla)
Crispy Dal Wafers (Pappadams)
Asparagus and Pinenut Pizza

Vegetable Dishes
North Indian Curried Cauliflower and Potatoes
Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie
Baked Stuffed Avocados
Spinach, Tomato, Eggplant, and Chickpea Stew
Peppers Stuffed with Herbed Potatoes and Cheese
Baked Tomatoes Stuffed with Rice and Green Peas
Gauranga Potatoes
French Braised Summer Vegetables (Ratatouille)
Thai Vegetable Curry
Pumpkin and Potatoes, Marwari-Style
South Indian Vegetable Combination (Aviyal)
Scrambled Curd
Simple Green Beans
Vegetables au Gratin
Cabbage, Potato, and Yogurt with Anise
Cauliflower and Potato Supreme (Gobi Alu Bhaji)
Zucchini, Green Peppers and Tomato
Eggplant, Potato, and Curd Cheese
Indonesian Vegetable Stew (Sayur Asam)
Vegetarian Stroganoff
Asparagus with Oil and Lemon Sauce
Cantonese Stir-Fried Vegetables with Cashews in Black Bean Sauce
Creamed Spinach with Curd Cheese (Palak Panir)
Hungarian Vegetarian Ghoulash
Italian Eggplant and Tomato Appetizer
Tomato, Peas and Home-made Curd (Matar Panir)
Okra in Tomato Sauce

Mediterranean Salad (Salata)
Greek Salad
North Indian Cabbage and Peanut Salad (Kobi Pachadi)
French Steamed Vegetable Salad
North Indian Potato Salad
New York Potato Salad
Fettuccine, Pepper and Cream Cheese Salad
Lebanese Bulgur-Wheat Salad (Tabbouleh)
Hawaiian Brown-Rice Salad
Indonesian Gado Gado Salad
Waldorf Salad
Gujarati Green-Bean and Coconut Salad
Steamed Cauliflower Salad with Green Mayonnaise
Bombay Cauliflower Salad
Sicilian Radicchio and Fennel Salad
Asparagus, Green Bean and Broccoli Salad
Mixed Vegetable and Yogurt Salad (Raita)
Avocado and Bean Salad
Italian Market Salad
Pasta Salad

Chutneys, Jams and Pickles
Pineapple Chutney
Tomato Chutney
Peach Chutney
‘Radha Red’ Plum Chutney
Tamarillo Chutney
Apple Chutney
Fig and Apple Relish
Fresh Coconut Chutney
Mint Chutney
Lime and Ginger Marmalade
Sweet lime Pickle
Peanut and Coriander Chutney

Dips, Sauces & Dressings
Lebanese Eggplant Dip (Babagannouj)
Indonesian Chili-and-Peanut Relish (Sambal Pecal)
Tartare Sauce
Date and Tamarind Sauce
Greek Cucumber and Yogurt Dip (Tzatziki)
Mexican Avocado Dip (Guacamole)
Chickpea Pate
Tahini sauce
Tomato Relish
Chickpea and Sesame Dip (Hummus)
Bechamel Sauce
Italian Salad Dressing
Orange Fluff
Horseradish and Beetroot Relish (Khrain)
Horseradish Cream
Eggless Mayonnaise
Hot-Pepper Sauce (Harissa)
Walnut Sauce
Satay Sauce
French Salad Dressing
Cantonese Black Bean Sauce
Mustard Sauce
Syrian Yogurt-Cheese (Labneh)
Sweet-and-sour Sesame Sauce

Baked Stuffed Cheesy Corn Breads (Enchiladas)
Eggplant Parmigiana
Eggplant Rings with Cheese
Vegetable Fritters (Pakoras)
Tofu ‘Steaks’
Mashed Potato Puffs (Alu Vadas)
Sweet Potato Pie
Cauliflower and Pea Samosas
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Sweet-and-Sour Walnuts
Spicy Tofu Rolls
Potato and Pea Croquettes
Curd Pakoras
Crispy Flat-Rice and Cashews (Gujarati Chidwa)
Asparagus and Tomato Quiche
Spinach Filo Triangles (Spanakopita)
Ricotta Cheese-filled Pastries (Calzone)
Grated Cauliflower Balls in Tomato Sauce (Gobi Kofta)
Potato and Cottage Cheese Rolls with Cranberry Sauce
Potato Pancake (Rosti)

Grains, Beans and Pasta Dishes
Baked Rigatoni withVegetables (Rigatoni al Forno)
Couscous with Vegetable Sauce
Spaghetti alla Napoletana
Pasta Pesto
Stuffed Vine Leaves (Dolmades)
Malaysian Hot Noodles with Tofu (Mie Goreng)
Japanese Rice-Balls (Onigiri)
Vegetable and Semolina Pudding (Upma)
Israeli Chickpea Croquettes (Falafel)
Buckwheat Puffs
Lima-Bean and Cheese Croquettes
Tomato 'Omelette'
Spicy Beans with Corn Chips (Nachos)
Dal Rissoles (Baras) Baked in Buttermilk
Gopal's Famous Vegie-Nut Burgers
Mexican-Style Beans and Salad on Fried Tortilla (Tacos)
Curried Chick-peas
Vegetarian Chili
Chana Dal with Potatoes
Dal Dumplings in Yogurt with Tamarind Sauce (Dahi Bada)

Sweets and Desserts
Carob and Hazelnut Fudge (Burfi)
Carrot Cake
Baked Cheesecake
Mango Ice Cream
Walnut and Raisin Semolina Halava
Apple and Blackberry Crumble
Orange and Currant Simply Wonderfuls
Deep-Fried Milk Balls in Rose Syrup (Gulab Jamun)
Coconut Cream Fudge
Creamy, Saffron Condensed Yogurt Dessert (Shrikhand)
Chinese Almond Cookies
Lemon Cream-Cheese Fudge (Nimbu Sandesh)
Lokshen Pudding
Soft Cakes in Strawberry Yogurt (Malpoora)
Fruit Cake
Vietnamese Sweet Mung Bean Cakes (Dau Xanh Vung)
Easy Apple Pie
Italian-style Lemon Doughnuts
Turkish Nut Pastries in Syrup (Baklava)
Fruit Fritters with Orange Sauce
Peanut Butter Fudge
Creamy Condensed-milk Rice Pudding (Chaval Ksira)
Walnut and Chickpea-Flour Fudge balls (Laddu)
Algerian Ramadan Dessert
Celestial Bananas
Orange Cheesecake
Carob Fudge Cake

Homemade Lime Squash
Watermelon Sherbet
Middle Eastern Lemonade
Lemon Barley Water
Orange and Almond Nectar
Anise Flavoured Fruit-and-Nut Shake (Thandhai)
Yogurt Smoothie (Lassi)
Peach Sorbet
Pineapple and Coconut Punch
Hot Saffron Milk with Pistacios
Lemon Mint and Whey Nectar
Spiced Hot Apple Juice Drink
Orange Ginger Cooler
Fruity Chamomile Tea
Orange Buttermilk Smoothie
Raspberry and Rhubarb Punch
Banana Milk Smoothie
Saffron and Lemon Sherbet