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kurma dasa"The great cuisines of the world, many of which are largely vegetarian, are the basis for Kurma Dasa's latest collection of recipes, presented in a clear, concise style and appealingly illustrated with lots of colour photography. Quick Vegetarian Dishes is
colourful, healthy (and easy-to-prepare) food that's perfect for everyday cooking - even if you're not a vegetarian."
(Australian Gourmet Traveller, February 2001)

Not only are the pictures fantastic, but even if you are a devout carnivore, there's something to entice. Split into seven chapters, each chapter boasts a huge veriety of dishes, from entree and mains to breads and sauces. There's also jams, chutneys, pate, savoury pancakes and rich gateaux. Tuck into Stuffed
Italian Flat Bread
, North Indian Potato Salad, Vegetarian Cornish Pasties and more. Find new inspiration for dinner
from Kurma Dasa's Vegetarian World Food...
(Voyeur, Virgin Airlines' in-flight magazine, October 2002)

"Vegetarians often complain that cookbooks - and restaurants - for that matter - just don't cater for them. Kurma Dasa's latest book does so brilliantly, as do his previous three. In Vegetarian World Food, vegie fans will find recipes from South-East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Americas. Italian Pumpkin Dumplings with Sage-scented Butter and Guatemalan Chilled Papaya Refresher are among them. The English-born author, who migrated to Australia in 1964, learnt to cook while a full-time monk at a Hare Krishna temple in Sydney. Highly recommended."
(15/05/02 Brisbane Courier Mail)

"Yum, Kurma takes us on a trip around the world with Vegetarian World Food. This great looking cookbook is perfect for the vegetarian in your life. Featuring some great and tasty recipes (I've eaten my way through a few of them), each chapter covers a different style of vegetarian food, from The Mediterranean, India, Europe, The Middle East, South East Asia, The Americas, and the rest of The World. Easy to follow recipes along with very enticing pictures really make you want to sample each treat. The South East Asian section is pretty good, with a tasty Laksa and very nice Malaysian Mie Goreng. I did wish the book covered more of Asia, with Japanese food being touched on briefly. A tasty and enjoyable trip around the world vegetarian style."
(31/05/02 Q News)

"Vegetarian World Food is probably not for the beginner but if you're happy with your ability with herbs and spices . . . well this is your book. These are really Kurma Dasa's favourite meals, globally speaking. Listed geographically there are meals from The Mediterranean, India, Europe, The Middle East, South East Asia, the Americas and finally The World. Recipes covered? From America, Hash Browns, Tostadas (Cheesy Bean and Tortilla Stacks), Amish Apple Dumplings or Pumpkin Pie. Recommended."
(10/06/02 Noosa Daily News)

"Australia's own guru of vegetarian cuisine Kurma Dasa has released a new cookbook featuring his favourite dishes from around the world. Dasa's third 26-part series More Great Vegetarian Dishes recently screened on SBS and Foxtel's Lifestyle Channel. Vegetarian World Food, the best of cooking with Kurma Dasa is published by Chakra Press, Pan Macmillan Australia."
(19/06/02 The Daily Telegraph)

"Kurma Dasa is one of the world's most high profile vegetarians. . . In Vegetarian World Food, by Kurma Dasa, vegie fans will find recipes from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Americas."
(04/08/02 Sunday Territorian)

"Through his classes at Drysdale Tafe Tasmania I've formed a much greater appreciation of Kurma Dasa than I ever did on TV (must be something to do with actually tasting the food). Best known for his Indian cooking, in Vegetarian World Food Kurma collects favourites from all over the world - the Mediterranean, Middle East, South-East Asia, the Americas and some from the rest, with India most represented. The flavours are strong and varied. In a Kurma Dasa spread, there's no sense of something lacking. I've tried the Panir, home-made cheese (use Pyengana Real milk for best results) and the Deep-fried Milk Fudge Balls in Rose Syrup, so feel safe in assuming the rest are as good as they look. Confirmed vegetarians will love this, and so will those trying to have more meat-free days or to eat more vegetables."
(28/08/02 The Mercury)

"...delicious, healthy & innovative vegetarian cuisine. Highly recommended."
(The Sunday Tasmanian, December 2000)

"While Kurma may be the high priest of vegetarian cuisine, you don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy his cooking. Quick Vegetarian Dishes is fresh, original and delicious! This book, Kurma's third, offers an eclectic and exotic assortment of inspiring, easy to prepare vegetarian dishes, as well as some scrumptious fruit-based recipes and desserts. A delight for the gourmet."
(The Canberra Chronicle, December 2000)

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