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Cooking With Kurma is an invitiation to embark on an exciting journey of culinary exploration. Each lucidly explained recipe is an adventure into new lands of international culture, taste and nutrition.

Whether you are looking to prepare a quick lunch or a twelve-course dinner, Cooking With Kurma will serve you well. The chapters are full of enticing soups, breads, condiments, drinks, main courses and desserts.

A special feature of this handsome book is the extensive glossary, with photographs accompanying most of the ingredients.

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Dense & Delicious Pumpernickel BreadHardcover Edition, 260 recipes, 244 pages
180 colour photos, extensive illustrated glossary
22cm x 27cm (8.75" x 10.75")
Chakra Press
ISBN 0-947259-17-1

Softcover Edition (Australia)
ISBN 0-9578345-2-7