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Here's all the links to articles I've written/researched and posted on my blog.
There's a lot of information here, so...happy reading!

Archives, August 2012
Yamuna Devi's Butternut Squash Puree with Coconut (Kaddu Bharta)
Big Brother is Watching (Over) You
Spiritual Voyage
Yamuna Devi's Sweet Tomato Chutney with Fennel
Wonder and Humility
Yamuna Devi's Spiced Green Beans
Yamuna Devi's Pear Chutney with Dates and Pecans
Here's One I Cooked Earlier
Yamuna Devi's Spiced Chickpea Salad with Spinach
Happy Birthday Krishna
Remembering Srila Prabhupada
Yamuna Devi's Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Coconut
Cooking Retreat with Kurma, Hare Krishna Valley 17 - 19 August
More Wise Words from Justice Michael Kirby
Yamuna Devi's Tomatoes in Smooth Yogurt
Cooking with Kurma Live - Mixed Vegetable Curry with Coconut Milk
Yamuna Devi's Rice with Shredded Carrots and Coconut
Cooking with Kurma Live - Mexican Broad Bean Salad (Ensalada de Habas)
Is Eating Eggs Really as Bad for Your Heart as Smoking?
Kurma Live - Nut-filled Pastries with Fragrant Syrup (Kataifi)
The Art of War
Yamuna Devi's Cracked Black Pepper Rice
Kurma Live - Corny but Nice
A Few of my Favourite Things
Children Who Remember Previous Lives
Homemade Ginger Beer
Thus Spake George


Archives, July 2012
Forgiveness - the Ornament of the Strong
Cheesy Stuff
New Zealand Prime Minister gets a Kurma Cookbook
Fifty Summers
Gone Surfing
Groaning Tables
'Great Vegetarian Dishes' Reviews
The Big Breakfast
'Quick Vegetarian Dishes' Reviews
My Winter Garden - Part One
My Winter Garden - Part Two
My Winter Garden - Part Three
My Winter Garden - Part Four
Cooking Retreat with Kurma at Krishna Valley 17 - 19 August 2012
Letter of Appreciation
Step Ladder Blues
My Winter Garden - Part Five
My Winter Garden - Part Six
'Vegetarian World Food' Reviews
Ghosts Demystified
My Winter Garden - Part Seven ( 'From Siberia')
Slugs Be Gone! Nuking with Cucs
Pizza, But Not As We Know It
My Winter Garden - Part Eight - New Broads in Town
The Singing Naan
Soft yet Strong
Yamuna’s Baked Bananas Stuffed with Tamarind-Flavoured Coconut
Yamuna Devi's Apple Salad (Seb Kachamber)


Archives, May/June 2012
King of the Nagas
Put Your Ethics Where Your Mouth Is
Best Doughnuts!
Rhubarb and Strawberry Pie
Being Human
Is Anybody Out There? Thin on the Ground in Blogland
Ten Years Ago
My Brief Rock Career
Living in the Material World
Happy Birthday CWK
So Far, So Good
Rustic Reverie
See You in Canberra!
Easy Rider
Solstice: Same Coin, Different Side
Hot Pizza Still Life
Beautiful Krishna
It's a Jungle Out There
Hello Cupcake
The Signing
Lakshmi's Beet Dumplings
Mr Policeman, Krishna Loves You Too
Breakfast from my Midwinter Garden


Blog Archives, April 2012

Strawberry Cream Shortcake
Craving Koftas
Filling a Niche for Quiche
Yamuna Devi’s Batter-coated Mashed Potato Balls (Aloo Bonda)
The Ultimate Eggless Brownie


Blog Archives, March 2012
Sourdough Bread
All About Onions
What's your Poison?
Succulent Eggplant Pickle
Farewell Old Friend
Coming Back
Chickpeas in Karhi Sauce
Juicy Panir Cheese Balls
Russia High Court Dismisses Appeal on Gita Ban
Calling All Carnivores
Herbed Bread Rolls
Punctuation is Everything
A Very Tense Situation
In Memorium: Sriman Nrsimhadeva Dasa


Blog Archives, February 2012
Kurma Cooking DVD sets Special Offer
No Eggs for You
Death my Grammar
Grana Padano
Fast Food
All About Ghee


Blog Archives, January 2012
The Real KFC
Yamuna Devi's Papaya, Avocado and Jerusalem Artichoke Salad
Yamuna Devi's Nutritious Whole Grain, Split Pea and Vegetable Soup
Soda Bread, To Be Sure
Oprah in Vrindavan


Blog Archives, December 2011
Kitchen Still Life
Kurma's Lemon-scented Herbed 'n' Chunky Oven Fries
Garden Mysteries: Purple Beans, Choko, and the Struggle for Existence
Dindins at Chez Kurma - Pizza and Pie
Don't Mess with Baby Krishna
Gita Jayanti
Food Yoga
Move Over Gideon
Connection between Canned Foods and Cancer

Join Kurma for Cookery Classes 2012
Happy Birthday Cupcakes
Disbelief as Russia Plans to Ban the Bhagavad-gita
Pineapple Chutney

Does Australia Lead the World in Hare Krishna Restaurants?
108-Course Feast Menu from Yamuna Devi
Yamuna's Table
Lord Krishna's Cuisine
Yamuna Devi Passes Away
Remembering Yamuna - Butter-soft Eggplant Wedges (Bhona Baigan Bhaji)

Blog Archives, November 2011
Simply Wonderfuls
Fresh Mango Chutney
Deep-Fried Stuffed Hot Green Chilies (Hari Mirchi Bhaji)

Tomato Paste vs Tomato Puree
De-forestation - Another Unfortunate Downside
Green Curry of Vegetables & Fried Tofu

Wonderful Fenugreek
Lakshmi's Fig Tart
The Zen of Satellite Navigation
Happy Cow
New Arrivals in Kurma's Patio Garden
Lakshmi's Sweet Finnish Bread (Pulla)
Slow Food: Chickpeas Extraordinaire
Unhinged - The Search for Fariri Hing and Samo Rice

Running the Gauntlet
Chilies in a Jiffy
Happy Birthday Mark Twain


Blog Archives, October 2011
Musings on Potato Soup
Eggless Cakes Galore
A Seedy Business
Singapore Noodles
Jobs Well Done
Breakfast with Kurma
Dinner with Kurma
Cooking with Laksmi
Laddhu Love
No More Cornflake Conundrum
News from Kurma's Garden
Non-hybrid Old Traditional Seeds

Blog Archives, September 2011
Bakewell - Such a Tart!
Cooking Retreat with Kurma at Krishna Valley
The Final Countdown
Pumpkin Soup by Lakshmi

What If...?
Roasted Vegetable Pizza
Blog Archives, August 2011
Jewish Veg
Slaughter-Free Milk
The Case Against Drinking 6-8 Glasses of Water a Day
Fresh Fennel
Garlic as Medicine
Happy Orange Cake Returns
Ekadasi Coconut Cake
Homemade Corn Flat-Bread (Tortilla)
Sambar Time
Cinnamon and Alzeimers

Buddha's Hand Citron
News from the Garden
Festive Fare
Blog Archives, July 2011
True Confessions - a Quick and Simple Paratha Feast
The Plant Based Breakfast
Kurma's Online Recipe Archives
Beat Insomnia Naturally
Far Out, Brussels Sprout
Burfi, the Queen of Fudge
The Colour Purple - Bliss from Simplicity
Turkish Rice Pilaf with Thyme, Currants & Pine Nuts

Checkerboard Cookies
My Kitchen Equipment, Part Two - Mortar and Pestle

Sanjana's Potato and Cashew Nut Curry
Iron Intake for Vegetarians - Khichari to the Rescue
The Big Mash
From the Bottom Drawer
Succulent Eggplant Pickles
Cooking for God
Chapati Party

Buckwheat Chapatis
My Name is URL

Bent on Food

Queen of Lasagna
Strawberry Cream Shortcake
New Blog in Town
Blog Archives, June 2011
Thanks! Have a cupcake!
Recent Reunion Festival New Film Clip
A Humble Meal
Dal with a Difference - Sanjana's Dal Dhokri with Mutter
In Search of Baharat

Pizza Sleepover
Kurma Blog RSS Feed to Facebook
Garden Yoga
Kaliya and the Cows - a Blessed Encounter
Yaso's Last Gig
Farewell Yaso

Feeding the Inner Latino
Homemade Baked Ricotta Dessert
Panir Fest
Welcome Home Dwaipayana
Pie Ahhhhh Squared - Here's One I Baked Earlier
Kurma's Kuppa Soup
Risotto Primo
Memorial Festival for Sriman Yasomatinandana
Ayurveda, Common Sense & Pasta Farfalle

Roasting, Stewing and Poaching
My Kitchen Equipment, Part One - Spun Out, Man
That's the Way the Apple and Rhubarb Crumbles
Blog Archives, May 2011
The Long and Winding Road
Leave It to Beaver
40 Years Ago...
Australian Prabhupada Disciples Group Photo, 22 May 2011
Mission Accomplished
Blog Archives, April 2011
Call of the Valley, and the KKK
Fudging it - True Confessions
A Real Tart

Cooking with Kurma in Your Home
Once Upon a Time In a Parallel Universe
Cooking with Kurma in Perth

Mothers Day Just Two Weeks Away
Cooling with Kurma?
But Wait - There's More...
My Secret Love-affair with the Queen
Krishna, the Lord of Sweetness
Mothers Day Just One Week Away
Blog Archives, March 2011
Grain-free Flour
Does Flying Give You Cancer?
Here's One I Blogged Earlier
The Return of The Big K Burger
Too Busy to Blog
A Messenger from the Sea God's Palace
Happy Gaura Purnima

Major Earthquake for California Predicted
One for the Record

Roll up for Kurma's Vegetarian Cookery Class Melbourne
Elizabeth Taylor
Salt and Breadmaking
New York Times on Veggie Burgers
Pass the Mayonnaise

Vegetarian Cooking with Kurma @ La Trobe University - Last Week to Enrol
(Salty) Lassi Come Home
"Gettin' Figgy Wit it"
Blog Archives, February 2011
Buckwheat Chapatis

The Usual Suspects
Don't Try This at Home
Panir Butter Masala
You Are What You Eat
Off to Rathayatra
Turmeric Wins again

Dancin' in the Streets
Vegetarianism all the Rage in MMA

Why You Should Never Sleep With TV or Dim Lights On ..
La Trobe University Hosts Kurma Dasa
Avocado Smoothie
Curried Greens and Eggplant (Baigun Sak)

Return of the Big Salad



Blog Archives, December 2010
Eggless Christmas Cupcakes
A Christmas Meditation
Christmas Recipes from Kurma's Kitchen #1 - Kofta
Christmas - Meaty and Unsustainable
Last Tango in Canberra

Christmas Recipes from Kurma's Kitchen #2 - Polenta
Christmas Recipes from Kurma's Kitchen #3 - A Chili Christmas
Kurma's Summer Garden
Feeling Cakey

Another Christmas Recipe
Kurma's Christmas Fruit Cake
Vegie Chrissie Barbie
Apple Strudel

Blog Archives, November 2010
Holy Cow! Dairy versus Vegan
Steak and Chips
Cheesecake Consciousness

Kuvanje sa Kurmom! A Letter from Serbia
Kurma's Apple Pie
THC, Anandamide, Chocolate, and the Search for Pleasure
The Milk of Pampered Cows
Red Meat Consumption Linked to Increased Esophageal Cancer Risk

Delhi-style Sprouted Mung Bean Salad
They're Back

The Rise of the Power Vegans
Kurma's Curried Malay Noodles (Laksa)
Moishe and the Mule
Even Falafels Get the Blues
Bovine Bliss

The Stars, Baby, The Stars
Hare Krishna Eateries at a Glance
Diddly About Dal, and the Magic Mantra
The Most Beautiful

These are a Few of My Favourite Blogs - Part One
Sad Day on Sesame Street
These are a Few of My Favourite Blogs - Part Three
A Tale of Two Herds
The Lord of Sweetness

Blog Archives, October 2010
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 12 : Pumpkin Wafers (Kaddu Bhaji)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 13 : Scented Almond Milk Cooler (Badaam Dhood)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 14 : Sauteed Cauliflower and Green Peas (Gobhi Hari Matar Sabji)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 15 : Bengali Spinach (Badaam Sak)
The Soul

Krishna Valley Bhakti Yoga Retreat October 2010
Insects for Lunch. ...anyone?
Lamp in a Windless Place
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 16 : Cardamom Shortbread Cookies (Elaiche Gaja)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 17 : Creamy Mung Dal with Chopped Spinach (Palak Moong Dal)

Yamuna Devi Recipe # 18 : Sweet Potato Salad in Maple-Lemon Vinaigrette (Shakarkand Salaad)
Another Fun Weekend in Cookery Land

Springtime in Kurma's Garden
A Letter from Paul McCartney

Yamuna Devi Recipe # 19 : Zucchini Pakora with Crushed Peanuts (Louki Pakora)
Warts and All

Ekadasi Cauliflower Pakoras
A Kurma Xmas
Brown Paper Packages Tied up With String...
On the Road
Mallacoota Meanderings
The Story of the Porcupines
The Juice of Life

Mallacoota Rainbow
Wake Up!
A Kurma Christmas

Sukkah Dukkah and The Wandering Mind


Blog Archives, September 2010
Ellen DeGeneres on Being Vegan
Wisdom of the Ancients
New York Times: Remembrances of Lives Past
Yamuna Devi Recipe #1 : Simple Potato and Green Pea Stew (Aloo Hari Matar Foogath)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 2 - Sweet Saffron Rice with Currants and Pistachios (Meetha Kesari Bhat)
Pumpkin Boyz
Here's One I Made Four Years Earlier
Back To Bolivia
The Most-asked Question
Sanjana's Saffron & Lemon Srikhand Cheesecake
Srimati Radharani
Blog Realisation
Stormin' Kurm'n! News From Base Camp
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 3 : Papaya, Avocado and Jerusalem Artichoke Salad
Ugandan Sweetcorn Cobs (Kasodi) in Peanut and Coconut Sauce

Yamuna Devi Recipe # 4 : Carrots, Cashews and Dates in Smooth Yogurt (Gajar Kaju Raita)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 5 : Nutritious Whole Grain, Split Pea and Vegetable Soup (Sabji Matar Dal)

Bill Clinton Now a Vegetarian
Chups Without the Fush
More Marmalade
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 6 : Deep-Fried Stuffed Hot Green Chilies (Hari Mirchi Bhaji)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 7 : Toasted Coconut Rice (Nariyal-Ki Chaval)
na Devi Recipe # 8 : Butter-soft Eggplant Wedges (Bhona Baigan)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 9 : Cubed Potatoes with Fresh Fenugreek (Khate Aloo Methi)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 10 : Apricot Chutney with Currants (Khumani Chatni)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 11 : Lime Ginger Ale (Adrak Sharbat)



Blog Archives, August 2010
Nineteen Forty Six
Curry, and Other Concoctions
Wild Sourdough
We All Scream
Happy Snaps
Eggplant Pickles

The Vegan School Lunch Box
Of Mangoes, Men & Leadership
Raw Food, Part One: Kurma Moistens Vegan Snouts
Raw Food, Part Two: More Bovine Delights
Raw Food, Part Three: No Ghee, No Glory
The Ones That Got Away: Part One
The Ones That Got Away: Part Three
Sandwich Heaven
Buckwheat Chapatis
Return to Mangrove Mountain
Mangrove Musings Part 1
Feed the World
Old Gold

Blog Archives, July 2010
Travelling West - Krishna Meditations
Here's One I Cooked Earlier
The Upper Crust
The Real KFC
Farewell Perth
Scones, anyone?

Kurma's Big Mac
Memory Lane - Provolone Grande


Blog Archives, June 2010
Winter Cookery Retreat with Kurma Dasa
Jesus in India
Kofta Krazy
Kurma Dasa in Tasmania
Personally Signed Kurma Cookbook
Kurma on Campus Part One: La Trobe University Bundoora 2010
Kurma on Campus Part Two: La Trobe University Bendigo 2010
Return of the Big Falafel
Cindy and Michael do Panir
Come Feast with Us...
Kurma in Russia

Vegetarian Children
TinTin, World Cup and Cherry Pie
Death is a Horizon
Pie Day

Bhagar It

Stop Eating Before You Are Full

Cooking with Kurma - Returning to Tassie
Leave Home Now While You Still Know Everything
Finding Love in Lilydale

What's for Dinner, Kurma?
21,000 days
Kurma in Brisbane

The Key to Failure
Sinh To Bo
Sweet Potato Pie


Blog Archives, May 2010
Eat Your Vegies: Some Personal Training
The Peach Chutney that Returned From the Dead
Man with Green Thumb
What I'm Reading
Trillions of Winters
I Say Old Chap, What a Capital Idea!
The Good Time Rolls
A Huge Celery

I Know What You Did Last Saturday...
The Express Train of Life
The Kurma Top Ten
Meaty World
La Trobe University Vegetarian Cooking Classes with Kurma
"Sir...Put your arms in the air and step away from your desk..."
Too Hot to Bear, Too Sweet to Resist
Eggless Orange Cake
One We Blogged Earlier
Memory Lane - Adelaide 1972
Join Kurma in the Kitchen
Afiyet Olsun!
The Return of Mr Green Thumb
Elephant Apples
Blog Baby!


Blog Archives, April 2010
Kurma's Back
India/Malaysia 2010: Before and After
Home Base and Tomato Pickle
India/Malaysia 2010: King of Fruits
Whey to Go
Satisfied Reader
Back to the Farm
Hari Food Up Norf
Kurma's Curried Malay Noodles (Laksa)

Happy Birthday GVD & Blueberry Cheesecake
Kings of the Wild Frontier
India/Malaysia 2010: Rebirthing
Roasted Capsicum, Peanut and Tomato Soup
Life's a Beach, and Then You Cook
Getting it Right

Corny Olde Blogge: Here's One We Made Earlier


Blog Archives, March 2010
Blog Re-run: Non-dairy Sources of Calcium
Cooking with Kurma 2010
Gone to India


Blog Archives, February 2010
Kurma Blog Re-runs: The Big Salad
Kurma Blog Re-runs: "Shoots, Roots & Leaves"
Kurma Blog Re-runs: In Search of The Perfect Chip
Kurma Blog Re-runs: Cereal Killer
Vegi Burger King
Taking Stock

Deep in the Heart of Texas
The Status of Flatus
Kurma Returns to Perth
Calling all Kannada- or Tamil-Speaking Kitchen Ladies
Return of Lemon Curd
Pumpkin Soup
Blog Re-run: Tofu and
Blog Re-run: Clean Greens


Blog Archives, January 2010
Happy 2010
The Continuing Story of Mohanthal
A Currant Affair
Summer of Kurma
More Avatar Musings...
The Real Deal - Homemade Yogurt
Why no Garlic or Onion, Kurma?

Moist & Luscious Maple Fruit Muffins
Cousin Brothers
Math or Magic?
Shepherd's Pie
Vegetarians Less Likely to Get Cancer
Wheat Alternatives
What to Eat This Australia Day?
Los Habaneros
Don't Cry for Me Argentina
Hare Krishna Vegetarian Food Relief for Haiti
Brahma-Muhurta - The Time of Rising from Bed
Krishna's Flute
Custard Tarts and Lemon Curd
Kitchen Design

Blog Archives, December 2009
"These Are a Few of My Favourite Blogs..."
Farewell To All That

Hollywood Vegetarians
Twenty Sleeps

Wishing You a Vegie Christmas
Nutty As
Having a Halava Good Time
Just Do It
A Chili Christmas
The Good Time Rolls
Meaty and Unsustainable
Wishee Washee

Le Carnaval Spirituel
What's New in Kurma's Garden
Festival of Appreciation
Baked Cheesecake
Egg Replacement in Cakes
Colour my World

Vegetarian is the New Prius

Hummus bi Tahina
5 Good Reasons to Eat Your Dog


Blog Archives, November 2009
Cup Runneth Over
Flesh of Your Flesh - Should you eat meat?
Let Them Eat Chapatis
Turmeric in the News Again

Subliminal Advertising
Berry Good
How're They Hangin'?
Chrissie and The Cows
The Time Factor
Tamarind Rice
Sacred Chants
Fudging It - True Confessions
Off to Melbourne
Hot Town, Summer in the City: My KGB Weekend
Le Carnaval Spirituel
The Wheel of Time
Govinda Jaya Jaya - Last Tango in Darlinghurst
Jesus Was a Vegetarian
Going Rogue
Thirty Sleeps
Vegetarian Dinner at White House
Getting Sticky One Last Time
Sad Day on Sesame Street

Blog Archives, October 2009
Backblog # 1 Wooden Versus Plastic Cutting Boards
Backblog # 2 - Decisions, Decisions...
Backblog # 3 - Wounded Planet
Backblog # 4 - Alkaline Foods
Big Cooks
Pull Over Grandpa
Beef - Fatal Flaws
The Holy Month of Kartik

The Poodle, the Leopard and the Monkey
Let Them Eat Yellowcake
Roxby Sunset
Getting Closer

A Bit of a Bhagar
The Manoj Chronicles

Moron Cutting Boards
A Load of Bollards! What's Wrong With This Picture?
Cooking Coordinates

Hill of Love
Govardhana Hill
Green Rules!
The Animal Diaries

Return to Roxby Downs
A Capital Idea!
A Beaut Day in Belconnen - One Dab and it's Gone!
The History of The Universe (yeah, sure)
Meat and Climate Change
Here Boy!


Blog Archives, September 2009
From the Archives #1
Ask Mr Sweet Potato Head
Thought For The Day
Come Cook with Kurma
How Much is Enough?

Wild Rice
Sunset in Blog Land...
Change of Master Plan: Can't Stop the Blogging...
Tall Tales but True from an Irish Supermarket
Goodbye Mr Floyd...
Beanz Meanz...
A Bit Chili
A Barbie Girl in A Barbie World
The Wizard of Blog
Life on Mars
Fade to Green
The Return of Pita the Great

The Apple Crumble Story

Blog Archives, August 2009
The Twenty Virtues
Oh, You Beautiful Dal!
Bunbury Bash
Chocolate, and the Search for Pleasure
Come Party with Kurma
Zen Ice Cream
Happy Birthday Balarama
Simply Wonderful

Chant, Chant, Chant!
Happy Birthday Daddy
Rasam Powder
The Burnt-out Ends of Smoky Days*...

Who You Gonna Call?
The Big K Burger
Sans Everything
The Secret Life of a Travelling Chef

We All Scream
Flat Rice
Creamy and Dreamy

Getting Sticky Again
Radha Red
Magical Mystery Tour
The Pig


Blog Archives, July 2009
I Know What You Did Last Weekend
The Best of Kurma Blog #3 - Cabbages and Isothiocyanates
Cool It!
Fleeting versus Everlasting Beauty
Kurma On Your Screen
Longest Vegetarian Dinner Table
Dal Makhani
What to do with Fresh Turmeric?
Tearful Farewell...

Time to Czech the Oil
Cooking with Kurma on TV: #1: The Cook & The Chef
Zen Judaism
Cooking with Kurma on TV: #2: Ensalada de Habas
Cooking with Kurma on TV: #3: "Sticky, Sweet & Delicious"
Cooking with Kurma on TV: #4: "Hot & Spicy"
Cooking with Kurma on TV: #5: "Give 'em Curry"
D'oh! Nuts!
Off We Go!
Subliminal Advertising
The Great Curry Mystery

The Old Pud
The Soul
Ask Mister Sweet Potato Head
A Fart Down Memory Lane

Too Farty, To Be Sure...


Blog Archives, June 2009
A Joke from Mars
Guilty as Charged
Kirra Beach Class
Drinking Water
Turmeric, Dementia and Much, Much More
Govinda! Part One
Vegan Recipe of the Week
"Dyslexics Untie!"
Weekend at Wauchope
Changing Bodies
Adelaide Winter Solstice Cookery Weekend

Westward Bound
Happy Birthday Kurma Blog!
The Best of Kurma Blog #1 - Irving the Jewish Dog
The Best of Kurma Blog #2 - Milky Talk
Greek Hay
The Kalonji, Nigella, Black Cumin, Black Sesame, Love-in-a-Mist & Onion Seeds Mystery


Blog Archives, May 2009
Long Time No Kurma
When Insults Had Class
Memory Lane #1
Vegie Pets
From the Archives: Memory Lane #2
Vegie Pets - A Great Response!
From the Archives: Memory Lane #3
From the Archives: Memory Lane #4
Hey Presto! It's Kurma's Pesto
From the Archives: Memory Lane #5
Lovin' Plateful

Trekking with Kurma
Afiyet Olsun!
From the Archives: Memory Lane #6
Who is That (Un)Masked Man?

La Trobe Weekend
From the Archives: Memory Lane #7

From the Archives: Memory Lane #7
Death on Toast

From the Archives: Memory Lane #8
What's Your Favourite Kurma Recipe?
What's Your Favourite Kurma Recipe? Part 2
What's Your Favourite Kurma Recipe? Part 3


Blog Archives, April 2009
Reincarnation, Woody Allen-style
Mangrove Mountain
Raw Cashew Cheesecake
Non-vegetarian Food Additive Numbers
Circle of Life #8: Name Giving Ceremony
Fruit of the Vine

The Daily Grind
Time Marches On
Cooking with Kurma - the Television Shows
Facebook - Hello/Goodbye
My Books
Circle of Life #9: Strangers in Town
My Blog Archives

Back on Facebook
Red Savinas Reincarnated

Circle of Life #10: Dicing with Death
Circle of Life #12: Body Parts
Circle of Life #13: A Garden Reverie
Warm Plum Crostata
Cook with Kurma this Fourth of July

One Living Being is Food for Another
Meet the Happy Dacks
Meet The Boys
Paying a Price for Loving Red Meat

Blog Archives, March 2009
Opening Night: The Cook and The Chef
I Know What You Did Last Sunday
Creamy and Dreamy
Circle of Life #6: New Folks in Town
Another Week Passes By
Eat Your Vegies!
Dinner for 800
Divine Taste
Wauchope Weekend
Go Get Googled
Kitchen Buddies

Circle of Life #7: True Colours
Sugar-free Gulab Jamuns
Daily Red Meat Raises Chances Of Dying Early
So It Happens

Blog Archives, February 2009
What's for Breakfast?
Cows Find Milky Way to Happiness
Los Muchachos Seran Muchachos
Hospitals Take Meat off Menu
Cards and Letters
Something Sticky in the Hills
Circle of Life #4: In The Family Way
Non-grain Flour
Recipe Archives
The Bishnoi People
Bound for Port Willunga
Great Moments in Presidential Speeches

Circle of Life #5: "My, How You've Grown!"
Party Time!
Do Not Read This Blog
The Cook, The Chef, and Kurma
Sacre Bleu!

Clearing my Inner Cobwebs

Blog Archives, January 2009
New Year's Evolution
A Glut of Lemons
Divine Pastimes in the Spring
Movement at the Station - Kurma's Cooking Classes 2009
Circle of Life
Kofta Man meets Sponge Dhokla Squarepants
Eno's What He's Talking About
Warning! Soup Alert! You are Entering The Comfort Zone
Meet Neal
Chanting Down Memory Lane
Waxing Lyrical

The Wanderings of the Living Entities
Bride of Chakki

Getting Sticky Again

Circle of Life #2
Vegetarian Teenagers
Son of the Bride of Chakki
Circle of Life #3: Hey Baby!

Return to Sticky Rice
The Big Salad
Hot Town, Summer in the City

Blog Archives, December 2008
Pineapple Chutney
Happy Birthday, Bhagavad-gita
Aaah - The Smell of Blog in the Morning
Yes We're Going to a Party, Party...
Thus Spake Epictetus
Three Minutes of Fame
Fatto Gateaux! My Cup(cakes) Runneth Over

One More Menu-planning Day 'til Christmas
Christmas Hypocrisy
Birthday Meditation
"Early To Bed Keeps Heart Healthy"
Holy Cow - More on Animal Rights, Veganism and Vegetarianism

Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror?
More on Sourdough Bread
Kurma's Sourdough Bread - Proof of the Pudding

Comments on Onions, Garlic & South Indian Food

Blog Archives, November 2008
A Real Roasting

Rawa Idli
The Cook, The Chef, and Kurma
Kurma's Krusty Kashew Kurry
Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job
Last Tango in Darlinghurst
Kurma in Peru - Countdown
Gotovim s Kurmoj, teper' i v Rossii!
Blogging for Dummies
The Turtle Cometh
Thus Spake Rodney
The Signing
Oh Brother, Where Forth art Thou?
Like, a Totally Cool Quote
Five Good Reasons to Eat Your Dog
Sad Day on Sesame Street
In the Midst of Cows
This Bird Has Flown

Blog Archives, October 2008
Head in the Clouds
Ekadasi Cauliflower Pakoras
Classic Basmati Rice Pulao
Memory Lane
Back to the Future, Part 1
Dairy Life
My Meditation
Dried Capsicum & Chickpea Cutlets
Wedding Menus
Dublin Fair City
Searching for Masala Chai
Team Govinda
Sculpture by the Sea
In the Mailbag

Team Govinda Part 2
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Granola with Mangoes
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Stormin' Kormin's Big Day
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Spicy Bengali Potatoes

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Warning: Salty Content
Dinner at Kurma's
What I Am
Flower-bearing Spring
Scrambled Tofu
Hari! Hari!
Marvellous Marmalade Musings
All About Natural Sweeteners
Through The Cracks
Cooking for Sri Radha
Who is That Girl with Krishna?
Jam Session: Sabjimata Down Under

Vegetarian Apostles
Getting Co-ordinated Again
Saffron Cardamom Peach Conserve
The Chickpea That Ate Melbourne
A Talkative Turtle
My Triple-C Saturday
'The Old Cheese'
Thank You, I Needed That

Naughty But Nice
A Good Vintage
Lactose-free Gulab Jamuns
Time to Saddle-up
Kup Kake Katha
Hummus bi Tahina
Society, Friendship and Love

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Benefits of Fasting
Write, Write, Write!
Meet the Grandsons
Having a Halava Day
Duck Under the Table with Kurma
Kurma @ Sticky Rice
Groaning Tables Ahoy
Are Organic Tomatoes Better?

Postale Belgique et Le Barbecue Vegetarien
The Mother of all Classes
Kofta Krazy
Are You The One?
Cooking for God
Olympic Vegetarians
Prince Charles Speaks Out Against GM Crops
The Ever-versatile Fenugreek

Eclipsing the Full Moon
On the Road Again
Go and Get Nuked
Yeast-free Bread
It's a Rice Pudding World
What's the Beef?
The Status of Flatus
Trillions of Winters

Is Fish Oil the New Snake Oil?
Kurma's Travel Diary
Why Not Every Scientist Worships at Darwin's Feet
There is No Death
Culture Club
Burnt Milk, and How to Avoid It
Big Balls
Fool's Paradise
Sri Krishna Janmastami in Melbourne, Part I
Strawberry Cream Shortcake
The Search
"Go to the Light"
Wisdom of the Ancients
Sri Krishna Janmastami in Melbourne, Part 2
The Final Check List
Sri Krishna Janmastami in Melbourne, Part 3: The Joys of Mind Control
Sing Along with Kurma
Ginger and Cancer

My Weekend in Melbourne
Wheat Intolerance
Meat & Colon Cancer
"Dyslexics Untie"
On the Road to Wingham
More from Grandpa
Season'd with Love
Wingam Weekend

What Am I?

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Where You Bin?
Processed Meat Unsafe For Human Consumption; Cancer Experts Warn of Dietary Dangers
Bound for Bendigo
The Glories of Coconut Oil
The Dangers of Aspartame - Urban Myth or Wake-up Call?
Tofu and Dementia
Bendigo Bliss

Broccoli Good for the Prostate
Extemporaneous Salad Dressing
Rogue Falafels
Where it All Began
Words by Blake
Lovely Rita
The Perfect Chip
Thus Spake Albert
Where on Earth?
Losing Private Dwyer
Blog Questionnaire
Curry Puffs
American Food
Ronald McDonald Goes Veg
The Return of Oscar the Cat
Kurma's Canberra Curry
The Road to Launching Place
Limping Home
Fleeting and Everlasting Beauty
Ancient Sweets
Cancer Doc Urges Cell Phone Precaution
Attention: all Vegetarian Shepherds
Homemade Spice Blends (Masalas)

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Day of the Vegans
Happy Birthday, Blog!
Am Not This Body
Guava Butter
All Warm and Tingly
Meet the Sourdough Guru
Cards and Letters
An Evening with The Veronicas
Milky Talk
Attention all Qualling, Onion-eyed Puttocks
A Day with the Relos
The Morning After
Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi
Course, poulet, course!
Steak and Chips
The Daily Mail

Have More Fun
Cutting Boards - Wooden or Plastic?
Travel Diary Update
Kurma in the Raw
London Rathayatra 2008
Chocolate, and the Search for Pleasure
Seize the Day
The Long and Winding Road

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Which Old Witch?
Satvic Foods
Pita the Great
Bites and Bytes
Living Graves
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Vegetarianism and World Religions
Homemade Ghee
Kurma in Hollywood
Dinner with Kurma
Sourdough Days
Herbal Life
Big Brunch
Much More Than Just a Pinch of Salt

Lord Krishna's Cuisine
Buckwheat Chapatis
Curry Leaf-scented Two-minute Blog Noodles
The Warrandyte Wave
Kurma Returns to Canberra

Three Days at Mangrove Mountain
Chilis Galore
Spekky for Brekky
'A' is for....

Like a Virgin

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Cucumber Relish
Getting Centred
A Weekend in Alice Springs
Sense of Hummus

Alkaline Foods
Halava the Great
Kurminos Pizza
Mc Kurma's
Way to Go!
If Life were Fair...
Jellies, Jams & Preserves
A Paucity of Posts

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Shoots, Roots and Leaves
Lessons from the Ant
Blog Comments, Cyanogenic Glycosides and Rhodanese
When in New York...
Single Sex Public Education
Last Quarter Fade-out
A Glut of Pumpkins
"And I Say to Myself - What a Wonderful World...."
Vegetarian Cookery Classes, Alice Springs
Grain-free Cake
Earthenware Pots
Gaura Purnima - Full Moon Rising
Recipe of the Week
Love that Laksa!
Love Those Latvian Laddhus
Vegetarian Liquid Lunch
Earth Hour
Vegan Feasts with Kurma
Vegetarian Cookery Classes with Kurma in Queensland
In Work and Play...
Getting Old

Blog Archives, February 2008
Growing Curry Leaf Plants
Bondi Sunrise, Morning Walks & the Power of Meditation
The Four Yorkshiremen
Savoury Urad Dal Doughnuts (Vadai)
Ancient Indian Mathematics
More Maths
From Badass to Bagasse - The Full Circle
Vegetarian Athletes: At the Top of Their Game
Welcome to Ekadasi

Small and Insignificant
Vegetarianism Takes Root in the Beef Capital
The Passing Away of Gita
Chocolate Cake
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More on Chapatis
Let Them Eat (Vegan) Cake
Carpe Diem

My Sweet Lord
George Harrison Remembered (scroll down)
'The Most Delicious Cauliflower Curry'
Wielki Ekstaza!
It's My Kitchen, I'll Karahi If I Want To

Blog Archives, January 2008
Pumpkin Soup
King of the Jungle
Meat Eating and the Environment
Eggless Mayonnaise
A Letter from Florida
Iron Intake for Vegetarians - Khichari to the Rescue
Swimming Against the Currants
Arrive Derci Perth
Package Tour
Job Incentive
Bad Leek
A Little Victory
Homemade Ginger Beer
What's Your New Year's Resolution?
Cooking With Kurma in Iran

Spring (Rolls) in the Air
The Year My Life Changed Forever
Changing Bodies
"Age Shall Not Weary Us..."
Chuck Another Vegie on the Barbie, Mate!
Famous Last Words

Extend Your Life
Turmeric Tea
Letter from Albany
Can You Help?
More Cards and Letters

World Clock
Garlic and Onions
The Singing Naan

Blog Archives, December 2007
King of Fruits

Australian Culture
Pasteurization? No Thank You!
Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Something Fishy?
Kurma Quiz: True or False
Quinoa - a Cure for 'Bloggers Block'
Answer to Kurma Quiz
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Thus Spake Zarathustra
Coals to Newcastle
Vegi Links
Kurma the Cookie Monster
Maim Not the Brute Beasts...
Non-grain Flours
Vienna Vegetable Orchestra
Play it Again, Kurma

Australians Vote with Their Tongues
Kitchen Confidential
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Quote of the Week
Away in a Manger - The Gangotri Affair
Apple Strudel   scroll down
A Vegetarian Christmas
One More Menu Planning Day 'til Christmas
Merry Krishnas and a Hare New Year
Santa Coke
Fifty Five, Not Out
Salt and Breadmaking
'Dhoodh, Where's my Recipe?'
Far Out, Mung Bean Sprout
The SEARCH Box Rules!
Living Dangerously
Last Tango in Western Australia
Signing Off for 2007

Blog Archives, November 2007
In Safe Hands  
A Fond Farewell  
Blessings from Sri Mayapur - The Passing Away of Nirguna    
The Dirt on Mother Ganges  
South Indian Breakfast  
A Trip to Navadvip   
Last Day in Sri Mayapur   
And Today's News...   
A Week in Puri, Part One   
Here's Some I Prepared Earlier  
A Week in Puri, Part Two  
Storing Spices 
Buy Nothing Day   
Kurma and the Bandwidth Thieves   
Letter of Appreciation  
A Sad Day on Sesame Street  
Good Morning Tennessee!  
Patra Bhajia   


Blog Archives, October 2007
Sak - Divine Spinach  
I Pack, Therefore I Am  
Today at Govinda's
And Furthermore...
The Return of Grandpa Kurma
Erina Fair
World Wide Cooking School
Parrots on the Bottlebrush, Duck Under the Table
"Over Hill, Over Dale..."
Pumpkin Pie
Getting Co-ordinated
All Warm & Tingly
The Muffin Man
Getting High
A Night in Mansfield


Blog Archives, September 2007
Aw Gee! No Glee from Vanaspati, & Ghee Argie-Bargie
Monosodium Glutamate - Veg/Vegan Friendly?
Eastward Ho!
Saturday Lunch with Kurma
Here's One I Made Earlier
Gulab Jamuns, Potato Puffs and My Vow of Silence
Memory Lane
Geography Test
Blog High Jump

All Warm and Tingly
Jowar and Rajgira
Rosy Hopes: Reading Nature's Books
Condaleesa's Diary
Squeaky Clean
The Boy Who Lived Before

Who is that Girl with Krishna?
Kurminos Pizza
Foxy Lady
Banana Halava
Snowed Under
Recipe Cards
Lobster Soup Nonsense
Vegetarian Apostles
The Long and Winding Road
Scoring Goals


Blog Archives, August 2007
Oats and Coeliac Disease
Thoughts on Shambo the Bull

What is Asafetida?
Oscar the Cat
Walks on the Path of Devotion
Ethics Test
Brain Cleaner
Another Famous Riposte
The Art of Academic Writing
Bengali Wedding Rice

How to Write More Better
Visit South India with Kripamoya Dasa
Kheer for 250 Guests
Aye, the Bonny Pipes are Calling
Dialogue on Vegetarians, Dogs, and Non-veg Dog Food
Chickpea Masala without Onions

Who Let the Dogs Out?
"And Now, a Woid from our Sponsor..."
Cooking Season
Irving the Jewish Dog
In Memoriam: The Passing Away of My Friend Vrsa
More from the Seniors Portal

Land of Milk and Honey
The Politics of a Turnip
The Mystery of the Bishop's Weed
Ginger Skin

'Tis the Season to be Jolly
The Animal Diaries

At the Movies: 'The Art of all Work'
The Clown of God
Warm Foods for Cool Days
Vegetarianism, Ponies and Anorexia Nervosa

Bad News from Canada
Good News from Iraq
Eclipsing the Full Moon
Ring! Ring! Hare Krishna!
Black Salt & Boxing Gloves
More Perspectives on Ayurveda


Blog Archives, July 2007
Tomato Rice
Eating Out in Tokyo
Aspiring Fullness
The Parking Spot
Beans - The World's Most Effective Cough Cure
Seniors Portal

Be Soft and Strong
Rye oh Rye!
Twenty Virtues
Thinkers Anonymous
Keep Those Cards and Letters Rolling In

The Big Question
Moment of Full Consciousness
Classes in Kurma's Kitchen, Perth, August-September 2007
Top of the Charts
Vegetarian World Food Cooking Retreat with Kurma Dasa
These Are a Few of my Favourite Things...

Kitchen Containment Policy
Kitchen Guru
Kurma DVD
The Dental Appointment
The Long Arm of the Law
Eating, Sleeping, Meating and Defending
Crying over Labeled Milk
Mango Ice Cream
Carbon Footprints
It's a Man Thing
Preserved Lemons
Shambo Lives!
Little Stevia Wonder

Onions and Garlic
Vegetarianism and Weight Loss
Zero Calories, Same Great Risks
Radio Krishna

Hello ... Is Anybody Out There?
Down South
Fenny the Greek

Animal Bones and Sugar
Sacrificial Calves
My Mullalyup Weekend


Blog Archives, June 2007
The Hard News on Soft Drinks
Thanks for Your Patience and Support
Desert Days
Animal Rights, Vegetarianism and Karma-free Living, Part One
Animal Rights, Vegetarianism and Karma-free Living, Part Two
Kurma Curry -
Whey To Go
Dairy Life: A Vegan View, and My Response

Saturday Night Fever
Palak Panir

To Nuke or Not To Nuke...?
An Open Letter to the Dalai Lama
What the Dalai Lama Ate for Dinner
The Wiggles

Feedback on vegetarianism and buddhism
Homemade Buttermilk  
Hey Little Badi!
Pregnancy, Iron and a Vegetarian Diet
Cakes, Cakes, Cakes...
That Hare Krishna Taste  
A Day at Govinda's  
Karma-Free Cookery  
Letter from London  


Blog Archives, May 2007
Kurma's Australia-wide Culinary Teaching Tour May-June 2007
Was Hitler Really a Vegetarian?
Morialta, The Black Boys & Berry Cheesecake
A Day at the Ashram, Kath and Kim, and My Great Vow
Kurma on Parade
Cottage Cheese Report from Minneapolis
Do Not Adjust Your Set
Girls' Night Out
The Ganesh Mandala Experience
Dinner at Norwood
Kitchen Meditations
'The Old Cheese'
Night of the Vegan(s)
Purusottama Masa
Anti-Depression - A Walk in the Park
A Night with Lauren and Ronnie
Roaming Free in Northern New South Wales
The Best Laid Plans...
No News is Good News
Thank You
Sarah Esther Gordon, 18 June 1927 - 24 May 2007
Sarah Esther (Essie) Gordon Funeral Notice

One Hundred Hours Meditation
The Ultimate Beneficiary
Moving On
Barwon, Part One
Kurma Kids
Barwon, Part Two

Blog Archives, April 2007
Pick the Asana
Cooking at Home
Humane Killing?
Nineteen Thousand Days    
Happy Easter
More Bang for Your Bucks
Food Additives Linked to Child Aggression
Easter in the Kitchen
Fat Cancer
Universal Justice
The Big Hare Krishna Family
The Kalonji, Nigella, Black Cumin, Black Sesame, Love-in-a-Mist & Onion Seeds Mystery
Curry Fruits
How Fat is Your Country?
The Secret
You Are Not Your Body
The Fine Print
Stray Pride
Vegetarian World Food Cooking Retreat with Kurma Dasa
Homemade Non-Dairy Yogurt
Inaction in Action
Terrible Truth
More Satisfied Customers
Are Vegetarians Smarter?
Hello, Cupcake!



Blog Archives, March 2007
The Glories of Bananas
More Bad News about Garlic
A Few Glimpses...
The Morning After
Pasteurization? No Thank You!
The Real KFC
In Memoriam
Recommended Reading
Books, Books, Books
A Walk Down Memory Lane
Moomba 2007
(At Least) Forty Minutes of Fame
Back Home
Australian Culture
Carrot Cake
Fired up for Four in a Row
Kitchen Marathon Part One
Kitchen Marathon Part Two - There's Prasadam in Them Thar Hills
Kitchen Marathon Part Three - A Day in Maylands
Kitchen Marathon Part Four - A Night in Cottesloe
Scones, anyone?
Practice What You Preach
Lunch at Kurma's
Coals to Newcastle
The Taste One Never Forgets
Hell, No! We Won't Go!
Wonderful Bitter Melon


Blog Archives, February 2007
My Early Days
My Early Days, Part 2
Durum Flour vs Semolina
"To Ghee, or Not to Ghee, That is the Question"
My Early Days, Part 3
Peacock Feathers - Darwin's Nightmare
My Early Days, Part 4

Has Anybody Seen Ray?
My Early Days, Part 5
Sourdough Rye Bread
Where Are They Now?
Don't Cry
My Early Days, Part 6
Coconut Oil
My Early Days, Conclusion
Religion You Can Drink
"And the Words of the Prophet are Written on the Subway Walls..."
Thus Spake...
Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan Tristearate...
The Genius of Sincerity

Rumour Has it...
Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium
Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

Think About it...

A Day at Steve's

Kurma Curry


Blog Archives, January 2007
Digging Deep
A Good Breakfast
The Krishna Meal
More on Microwaves
Changing Bodies

Cable Guy
Beyond the Pale
Of Empires Past
Does Curry Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?
Greek Sweets, and the Birth of a Recipe
Making Cheese - Ask Kurma
Looking for Horta
What is That Taste?
The Many Faces of Halva
Mahlepi Revisited
The Sanctuary of Poseidon
A Day at Mount Elikon
Little Lamb
The Sweet Lure
Pink & Saucy
Mobile Phones Linked to Brain Tumours
The Murky World of High-Fructose Corn Syrup
Alta Cucina Vegetariana
Cutting Boards - Wooden or Plastic?

Blog Archives, December 2006
Oldie but a Goldie
Touchdown Alice
A Day at Greg & Jenny's
Farewell to Alice
Morsels and Musings
Shakespearean Insult Kit
Not Happy, Kurma!
More on Turmeric
A Totally Insufficient Dowry...
Ever Wondered...?
Sunrise Meditations
Middle School Girls Gone Wild
Is Kurma Dasa Actually 'Asafetida Man'?


Blog Archives, November 2006
Noise Like Thunder
Bundeena Bash
Goodbye Sydney
Breakfast of Champions
Today in Fitzroy
The Kurma Show
A Pleasant Way to Spend a Sunday
Northern Pastimes
Dinner at Lynette's
A Night at New Farm
Crystal Waters
Goodbye Sunshine Coast, Hello Townsville
Currying Favour

Townsville Part 1
Townsville Part 2
Townsville Part 3
William Angliss
Cards and Letters
Human Rights Violations in Kazakhstan


Blog Archives, October 2006
Home on the Range...
'Ask Kurma'

Classical Indian Sweets
Khichari and the Office Lunch Follow-up
Cream Puffs?

Moishe and the Mule
Homemade Sambar Masala
Korma in Japan
Big Cooks
The Higher Taste
Give 'em Moist Curry!
Self CPR

Touchdown South Australia
Sounds Fishy to Me
Welcome to Clare Valley
Outdoors on Parade
Lumpy and Grumpy
Getting my Co-ordinates
Sounds Like a Cayote
The Road to Tamworth
A Day with Grandpa
Pakoras Galores
Letters of Appreciation
Dinner at Froog-Moore
Last Night in Tamworth


Blog Archives, September 2006
A Scent of Italy
Life in the Raw
Jewish Veg
Tea for Two
Italy Revisited
The World of Rice Puddings
Nurturing and Uplifting Leadership
Gözleme Revisited

Think About it....
Argumentum ad Hominem

Garlic: Toxic Shock

"Degustation, anyone?"
The Soul

Blog Archives, August 2006
By the Time I Get to Phoenix...
Bookshop Bliss
Phoenix Temple, Jungle Drums, Roti Aunts, and Water Frogs
Thatched & Dispatched
Chilling in Midrand
What's the Beef?
The International Hotel School Cooking Marathon
In Search of the Big Five
Happy Birthday Balarama
West Soyed Story
Team Jo'Burg

My Day at Kruger - Four Out of Five Ain't Bad
Weathering the Storm Ahead

Back to Europe?
One of Our Blogs are Down
Welcome to Slovenia
Terrorist Attack Update
Back in the Groove

Out and About in Ljubljana
Holy Food and a Trip to Lake Bled
A Visit to Turkey
Welcome to Istanbul
Bunkered in Bakirkoy
Barisa Rock

Gozleme, Locum, Simit and a Good Lie Down
Getting Very Near the End
The Long and Winding Road....


Blog Archives, July 2006
Let's Get Started!
Ground Zero
Sunday Success
The History of Château de Petite-Somme
The Genius of Sincerity
Feeling Hungry?
Lighten Up...

Got to Admit it's Getting Better
A Letter from Utah
Encounters Mainly of the Bovine Kind
One Hour in Warsaw
In the Gutter

Off to Poland
On the Road in Poland
Calm before the Storm
Festiwal Indii - Ustronie Morskie Day 1
Behind the Scenes
Festiwal Indii - Ustronie Morskie Day 2
Cherry Season

Off to Kolobrzeg
Festiwal Indii - Ustronie Morskie Day 3
Kolobrzeg Day 1 - Wielki Ekstaza!
Kolobrzeg Day 2 - The Fun Continues

Kolobrzeg Day 3 - The Finale
Mrzezyno - Another Opening, Another Show
Fruit Break

Fun by the Sea
Baltic Bliss
Intercity Express
Bye Bye Baltic
Into Africa
Touchdown Durban

Full Speed Ahead
Focaccia Comin' At Ya
Durban Cooking Day # 3
Not Hard to Swallow

Good Morning Sunshine, the Earth Says Hello
Savouries and Chutneys Workshop
Hard to Swallow
The Vegetable that Ate Durban


Blog Archives, June 2006
"Indian Shared Table" at de Studi
Sprouted Mung
Last Night in Townsville
Townsville Tamarind

I'll be Back
"These Are a Few of my Favourite Things..."
A Moment of Levity

Old Stomping Grounds
"You can get anything you want, at Gopal's Restaurant"
Mango & Strawberry Crisp
Weekend Australian Magazine
Rice Pudding - a Potted History
Food of the Gods
Give us This Day our Daily Khichari
Of Mangoes, Men & Leadership
El Prólogo
Onion Seeds
Taking Stock
Now THERE'S a Good Idea...

The Art of War
Don't Call Us, We'll Call You
Mind Control

A Day in Bangkok
A Feast for the Eyes
Laying Low at the Château de Petite-Somme


Blog Archives, May 2006
Questions, Questions...
Dairy-free Wheat-free Cooking
A Day at Holmesglen
Tertiary and Further Education
My Day at Brown Hill

See More at Seymour
Reporting for Duty
A Letter from Mozambique
Surf's Up!
Fool's Paradise
Mother's Day at Bell's Beach
William Angliss

Over Hill, Over Dale...
A Letter from Cape Town
Canberra Institute of Technology
Grandpa Kurma

Happy Birthday Blog
Why I Write
Orange Regional Cooking School
Cooking with Kurma in Belgium
My Day at Wingham
"Vegetarian World Food" at Townsville

Blog Archives, April 2006
Mars Bars
Don't Cry

Chickpea Curry
Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan Tristearate...
The Vitamin B12 Issue
Mr Sweet Potato Head

Somewhere in the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota...
Happy Birthday Lord Rama
Fasting and Feasting
How Sweet it is....
Culture Club
The Divine Presence
Homemade Raspberry Jam
Quest for Authenticity
Egg Replacement in Cakes
Great Vegetarian Dishes
Happy Easter
Here We Go Again
Gettin Figgy Wid It

What's for Lunch?
Ginger and Cancer
Letter from Nigeria
The Daily Grind

Big Night in Bunbury
Inycsiklando Vegetáriánus Etelek
Wonderful Bitter Melon
Fry Me to the Moon

Got me Thinking....
Procrastinators of the World Unite!
Dis Man Can Rap



Blog Archives, March 2006
Buckets of Basil

Famous Last Words...
Killing Vegies
Hot off the Press!

Quote of the Day
Wounded Planet
Meat and Colon Cancer
A History of Violence
Self Interest


What's for Bloody Dinner?
The Dream

Currying Favour
Kitchen Gem

Expanding Planet
Healthy Feasting
Here Comes the Sun
The Long Arm of the Law
Feast at Bull Creek
Strawberry Cream Shortcake
Brahma-Muhurta - The Time of Rising from Bed
The Final Check List
Santa Maria Photo Essay

Blog Archives, February 2006
The Big Day Out, Perth
A Salty Question
Mother Nature's Gifts
Johns Hopkins Teflon Dangers Report

Tea for Two
Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Pacific Meditations

Message for a Suffering World
Yeast-free Bread
Wheat Intolerance
Microwave Madness
Great Gushings of Gazpacho


Blog Archives, January 2006
Caffeine Content of Foods and Beverages
Campaign in British Parliament for Russian Hindus
Quote of the Day

Albany Cooking, Part One
Albany Cooking, Part Two
Albany Cooking, Part Three
Albany Cooking, Part Four
Albany Cooking, Part Five
The World's Oldest Rice Pudding

Moving House
Famous Last Words
Vegetarian Souvlakia
B 12
Conviction and Conduct


Blog Archives, December 2005
"Like a Jolt of Good Java"
Famous Last Words
Blesssed are the Cheesemakers
Jewish Schools Ban Internet
Cooking at Curtin
Curry Leaf Heaven
Nutty as a Fruit Cake
More Famous Last Words
World Hindus Furious
Cooking Class at Sorrento
A Vegetarian Christmas
Beyond Beef
Four-legged Citizens
The Real KFC
Byford Cows
Steak 'n' Chips a la Vegetarian
Death is Only a Horizon
"I'll Have a Serve of Asthma with That..."

Another Christmas Recipe
Birthday Sunrise Meditations
Constructive Criticism


Blog Archives, November 2005
Cabbages 'cut lung cancer risks'
"North of the Border, Up Mooloolaba Way..."
Back at Home Base

Be Like the Bird...
Leap Towards Immortality...
Laddu Life
Coming Back
"The Soul Never Dies and the Body is Never Really Alive..."

Morning Walks
The Unsung Mung
Vegan Recipes
My Inspiration
Neck Deep in Fremantle

The Answer

Decision versus Indecision - a Culinary Perspective
A Day at West Coast College of Tafe
The Wonderful Glories of Turmeric
In a Pickle
Happy Thanksgiving

Tom Yum
Replacing Eggs in Cakes
Fremantle Festival

Practice what you Preach


Blog Archives, October 2005
The Good Ship Kurma

Irish Nutritional Guide
Something to Think About...
A Letter from Salalah
Gluten Intolerance

What Am I?
Provolone from Napoli

A Salty Question
The Philosopher
World's Shortest Joke
The Answer...
Come to the Light

A Night at Mona Vale
The Cows of Bungay Bungay
Welcome to Wingham
Defeating Flatulence

The Surprising Power of Family Meals
New Leaf
Hot Under the Collar?
Where the *bleep* is Kurma?
A Trip to the Border Ranges

In the Universal Pipeline


Blog Archives, September 2005
In the Wake of Katrina
Thought for Today
I'm Just Mad about Saffron
The Good Oil

What on Earth is Black Salt?
New Dictionary Listings

Any Old Blogs?
Old Hebrew Proverb
Most Famous Man Who Ever Lived

World's Oldest Living Man
Jewish Mothers
The Noble Art
Thought for the Day
Who is that Girl with Krishna?
Himalayan Meltdown
A Moment of Full Consciousness
Grooving at the Grove

"Tell Me What You Eat..."
Culinary Mission Accomplished
To be Brief...
"The Lord Giveth, and the Lord Taketh Away."

Politics, Shmolitics
Simple Living
When Life Knocks You to Your Knees...
A Day at Selby
Promises, Promises...

Kurma's Kitchen Classics
Cambridge Research
French Healing Tea
In Work and Play...


Blog Archives, August 2005
In Kurma's Country Garden
Oh, I Almost Forgot...

Masters of Fare
Doyen des Chefs Végétariens
Mystery Sweets
The History of an Aubergine
"Oh! You Beautiful Dal, You Great Big Beautiful Dal..."
A Folktale from Andhra Pradesh

Out and About in WA
Soupe du Jour
The Talkative Turtle

Why no Onions and Garlic?
The Chickpea that Ate Melbourne
Chuck Another (Panir) Steak on the Barbie, Mate
The Global Vegetarian
A Letter from Iceland
The Traveler & The Nut Tree
Cooking with Kurma in Iran
Dreaming of Pumpkins...
Making Marmalade
Superbugs Rule, Ok!
Bunbury Bash

Big Brother is Watching You
A Day at Sawyers Valley
At Home with Kurma
Cooking in Cottesloe
Truck-ti Yoga
Quote of the Day

Curry Leaf Heaven
Khichari to the Rescue
Happy Birthday Krishna
Glimpse of a Past Age
Brighton, Victoria 1974: Remembering Srila Prabhupada
The Twenty Virtues

Mystery Fruit
Words of Wisdom



Blog Archives, July 2005
Highway Meditations

Snuggling in at the Castle
A Virtual Guided Tour of Radhadesh
Fun and Games at the Château de Petite-Somme
A Letter from Pennsylvania
The History of Château de Petite-Somme
"On a Wing and a Prayer"

Thyme - the Great Healer
Cooking & Fine Dining in the Company of Friends
Onwards and Upwards
Good Vibrations
Who am I?
Microwave Mayhem
Oh, Before I Forget...

Touchdown London
More Media Encounters
Out and About in England
What The...?!?

Laying Low in Hertsmere
A Message of Thanks
On Terrorism...

A Walk Down Memory Lane
If Lobsters Looked Like Puppies...

Lunch for 200
Brief Tour of Aldenham
A Bit More of a Wander Around
London Rathayatra Festival Approaches
"This is Hertfordshire"
The Parking Spot
Rathayatra Takes London by Surprise
What's for Breakfast?
Sunny Side Up?

History of Bhaktivedanta Manor
The Last Few Laps

Read All About It
Middlesex Meandering
Good Morning Soho
Almost At the Finishing Post
Goodnight London, and Farewell
Little Victories